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One last glorious attempt

Title: One Last Glorious Attempt
Pairing: Bella/Edward, Bella/Jacob
Warnings: Eclipse spoilers
Rating: PG
Prompt: #19
Summary: Renee shows up in Forks, unannounced, even by Alice.



Jake thundered through the trees. He had been running for almost five days now, stopping to sleep and eat when absolutely necessary. He started off not knowing where all this running would take him, just running to get away from life, from being Jacob Black.

But he had since had a better idea.  One last glorious attempt to stop this madness. His last hope to get Bella back.  It was this, or she died. And even though he had said that he was going to be good, promised her that he would stop cutting her in half, he threw all those out the window and ran like hell for Jacksonville.

He was going to get Renee.


Bella’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hey, sleepyhead. Good morning.” Edward’s loving voice came from the rocking chair, where he sat, still dressed in last night’s clothing.

Bella pushed the hair out of her face. “Morning.”

Edward made his way over to the bed, picked her up and settled her gently on his lap.  “What did you have in mind for today?”

She smiled.


Alice growled and picked up her cell phone.

Edward answered, breathless and irritated. “Yes?”

“Stop kissing and get over here. I need Bella to look at the flowers.” She stomped her tiny foot.

Edward just laughed. “We’ll be over as soon as Bella can get dressed and eat.”

“Hurry!” Alice insisted, just before Edward hung up.


Renee frowned as she approached the door. She was home alone, and big men scared her. She didn’t open the door all the way.

The man was young, maybe 20. He had no shirt on, leaving his broad brown chest exposed. He crossed his arms, making himself look even more dangerous. “I’m Jacob Black.” He said, extending a hand.

Renee relaxed. “Oh! Jacob! Please, come in.” She stepped back, allowing Jacob plenty of room to enter. “Why are you here?”

“I need to ask you a favor.” Jacob got right to the point.  “It’s about Bella.”

“Sit.” Renee gestured towards a chair in the living room, and sat down on the couch across from it. Jacob folded sinuously into the chair she had pointed out. “What about Bella?”

“I want you to convince her not to marry Edward.” He paused, swallowing. It was the first time he had shown any sign of weakness. “I want you to tell her to marry me.”

“Marry you?” Renee squeaked. “Instead of marrying Edward?”

Jacob wrung his hands. He nodded.

“She’s going to marry Edward?”


Edward stopped suddenly in the Cullen’s driveway, sending gravel flying. Bella glared at him.

“Just wait until you get a fast car.” He challenged. “You’ll like it, too.”

Bella shook her head stubbornly, and opened the door, climbing out. Edward was already there, to hook an arm around her waist and walk with her to the front door. Alice came dancing out. “You’re just going to love the flowers Bella! I know it!”

She threw her arms around Bella, who laughed and kissed her hair. “Of course you knew it, silly, physic vampire!”

Edward held open the door for both girls, who went inside giggling and talking about centerpieces for the tables.


“When?” Renee demanded, and suddenly Jacob regretted not having read the invitation more closely.  He thought hard. Silver loopy writing that smelled strongly of Alice ran through his head. “When?” Renee shouted again.

“August?” Jacob guessed. “I think.”

Renee slumped over, her hands covering her neck like they teach you in tornado drills in elementary school. Then, she stood, determination and anger in her eyes. “Come on. We’re going to Forks.”

Jacob grinned.

“We’ll need to find you a shirt.” Renee mused, already running off to find her purse and some shoes. “Call the airport and find the next flight to Seattle. I want us on it.”


Edward was in the kitchen, stirring some chicken noodle soup in a pot on the stove. He sniffed at it, but couldn’t tell if it was supposed to smell like that or not. He most certainly wasn’t going to taste it.

He brought a cup of it out to Bella, who was sitting at the table with Alice and going over swatches of fabric for the seats in the reception hall. She thanked him, blushing a bit, and he went over to the couch where Emmett was playing video games with Jasper.

“Move over.” He commanded, trying to find a place to sit. Emmett scooted over just a few inches but Edward pushed him the rest of the way. “My turn next.” He declared, turning to check on Bella, who was blowing on a spoonful of soup before she put it in her mouth. “Careful, it’s-“He stopped as she grimaced. “Hot.”

She licked her lips. “Ouch.”

Emmett tipped his head back and roared with laughter.


“So, “Renee started, once they were seated on the plane. “You want to marry Bella?”

Jacob looked down at his shoes. They were too tight. He had found them in the back of Phil’s closet. “Yes.”

“But Bella doesn’t love you?”

“She does.” Jake insisted. “But I never stood a chance against Cullen.”

Renee sighed. “I can see how that might work.”

Jake felt like crying. “I would be so much better for her, trust me.”

“She shouldn’t be marrying anybody right now, Jacob.”

“Fine then. When she’s older. Just…” he gulped. “Don’t let her marry him.”

“I don’t intend to.”


 “Admit it.” Edward pressed, splashing Bella lightly with dishwater from the pot they were washing. “You like it.”

“Only because Alice is doing most of it. I only have to do the fun things.” She dried her hands on a towel.

“Are you going to be like Rosalie?” Edward wound an arm around Bella’s waist. “Getting married every ten years, because it’s fun?”

Bella laughed. “I don’t think so!” She put her own hand over his. “All that money!”

“Money wouldn’t be an issue, though.”

“Oh, yes. I forgot. I’m rich now. That changes everything.” She grinned sarcastically.

Edward just bent down to kiss the top of her head.


Renee pulled out her cell phone when the plane landed. “I should call Charlie, and let him know we’re on our way.”

Jake reached out suddenly to stop her. “Don’t.”

Renee furrowed her eyebrows, and Jake looked for an explanation that wouldn’t involve fortune-seeing vampires and how they had a tendency to lack the ability to see werewolves.

“It…uh…gives her time to prepare.”

“Prepare what?”

“Her argument.” Jake rushed. “What she’ll say to convince you to let her marry Cullen.” He took a deep, shuddering breath as he waited for her response.

“You want to surprise her?”

He nodded.

Renee thought for a long minute. “I guess I see what you mean.”

She put her phone back in her pocket.


Alice was packing up the table full of fake flowers and fabric swatches when the doorbell rang.  It startled her, as things she didn’t foresee almost always did. She jumped, and Jasper caught a laugh in his throat. She concentrated for a moment, and then realization broke.

“It’s Jacob.” She said, her voice cold, but not nearly as cold as it had been the first time he had wrung the doorbell, all that time ago at the Graduation party. They were on much better terms now. She wasn’t so sure, however, that he and Bella were. She gracefully danced over to the door, sending a silent message to Edward, who most likely was paying more attention to Bella than the thoughts of the werewolf at the door.

She took a breath, and inhaled a smell that definitely wasn’t werewolf. Jasper caught it too, and looked up. “And someone else.” Alice yanked open the door.

“Jacob! And Mrs. Dwyer! Oh my goodness. What brings you here?” She hurried forward to hug Renee, as was typical ‘Alice’ style.

“Hey, Alice.” Jake tossed her a look with mischief in his eyes. Alice knew he had taken advantage of her power and she snarled at him under her breath after Renee walked past.

“It’s nice to see you again, Alice. How’s your father?” Renee looked around the giant white house as she tried to make pleasant conversation.

“Very well, thanks. He and Esme are out shopping with Rosalie while she’s home from college.” Alice led Renee over to the couch, where Jasper and Emmett had made room. “This is Jasper and Emmett.” Alice introduced the boys, who were polite enough to pause the video game for a moment and shake hands with Renee.

Jacob just sat down in a chair in a corner of the house, staying as far away as possible from the icy smelling vampires.

“Where is Edward?” Renee asked, finally sitting at a chair by the kitchen table, still examining the expensive decorations around the house.

“Bella and Edward are up in Edward’s room.” Emmett declared, not giving Alice time to deflect the question. Jake sat up straighter. “They should be down any minute.”

“Bella’s here?" Renee tried to sound casual. It went right over Emmett’s head.

“Bella is here almost all the time, nowadays.”

Jasper smacked his arm.


Edward froze. Afraid she had gone too far, or too fast, Bella froze too, and pulled away from their kiss.

He relaxed, and sighed. “Your mother is downstairs.”

“My mother is where?” Bella almost shrieked. Edward shook his head.

“Downstairs. With Jacob.”

Bella bit her lip. “She’s knows?” She looked down at her ring. Edward looked down, too, and nodded gravely. “And she’s mad?”


“And Jake is here…why?” Bella picked up Edward’s hands.

Edward cringed. “That, I’m afraid, is my fault.”

 Bella looked wary.

“I sent Jacob an invitation to the wedding.” Bella’s eyes fell from his and her hands went limp. “I would have wanted the opportunity if I were him. “ He waited for a reaction. “If things had gone the other way.” She still didn’t say anything. “Bella. Tell me what you are thinking, please.”

Her voice came out soft and meek. “I’m not sure who I should be angry with. Him for dragging Renee here, or you for starting it.”

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry. Please, love, don’t be angry, with either of us.” He reached out with one hand and tilted up Bella’s face. “I am sorry.”

“I know. And I’m not mad. How could I be mad at you, after all the things I’ve done that you’ve forgiven?”


                Jake was watching the large staircase, so he was the first to see them. He didn’t say anything, just held Bella’s gaze as she made her way downstairs.

                “Mom!” Bella acted surprised and half-pulled Edward down the rest of the stairs. She caught Renee in a giant hug, finally releasing Edward’s hand. Renee smiled for a minute, just happy to see her daughter again.

                “Hey, Bella.” Renee kissed her cheek. They stepped back, and Bella immediately picked up Edward’s hand. “Hi, Edward.” Edward, knowing, Jake guessed, that Renee didn’t want a hug from him, reached out his hand instead. They shook hands awkwardly. Edward grinned.

                “Hello, Mrs. Dwyer.”

                 She seemed oddly pleased that he didn’t call her Renee.

                 The four of them had only just sat down, when Alice shot a glare at the boys and then silently moved into the kitchen. Jasper and Emmett followed. Renee watched them go, and then turned back to Bella.

                “You’re getting married, I hear.” She had since lost the pretense of happiness. “In August.” Bella nodded. “And when were you going to tell me?”

                “Soon.” Bella said. Edward squeezed her hand.

                 “Really, because I also hear that Jacob got an invitation a week ago.”

                 “Sorry, Mom.” Bella looked down at her hand, wound tightly in Edward’s pale one. “I thought that you would be angry, and I didn’t want to be angry. I want you to be happy about this.”

                 “You thought I would be happy when you announced, that, despite all the times I’ve warned you, you are still making the same mistake I did?” Renee kept her voice down, but Jake knew that any vampire nearby could hear every word she was saying. It made him embarrassed for Bella, but then again, she was probably used to it by now.

                 “I’m not making a mistake, Mom.” Bella assured her, still rather calm. “I love Edward, and I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I’m sure about that.”

                 “You haven’t dated anyone else! How can you know that?”

                  “Maybe you haven’t felt it yet, Mom. And if you haven’t, I am really sorry. Because it is the best feeling in the world.” Jake felt like he couldn’t breathe. Edward looked over his shoulder at him, gasping to death in the corner. Jake didn’t want to hear this. “It’s like you’re not even on earth anymore. Every time I see him, my heart races and the bottom drops out of my stomach and my toes tingle. It causes me physical pain to be away from him. It’s easier to breathe when he’s nearby; I get cranky and restless when he’s gone for too long. Being with him…it feels right, Mom. I know it’s right.”

                  The look on Edward’s face spoke volumes. He had never really heard a lot of emotional confessions from Bella, that was always his job, and he looked like he couldn’t decide between crying and picking her up and twirling her around. Jake thought he might just give up and decide to do both.

                “That’s great, Bella.” Renee didn’t sound impressed. “But marriage? You really have to get married? What about college?”

               “If I’m going to be with him forever, there’s no reason not to marry him. And I’m still going to college. Edward wouldn’t hear of anything else.”

               Renee sighed. “Don’t rush into this Bella. Marrying him is not going to keep him around if he decides to leave again.”

               Edward looked like someone punched him in the stomach. “I’m not going to leave.” His usually warm voice was icy cold. “I will never leave.” Renee looked skeptical. Edward stared at her, his golden eyes burning. “I will never leave her.”

               Renee blinked rapidly. “Well, then.”


                Jake hung back for awhile, wanting to talk to Bella. Edward, not very subtly, led Renee outside on a tour of the house, leaving Bella sitting at the kitchen table alone.

               “Jake.” Bella shook her head. “You went to Jacksonville and got my mom?”

               “I had to try.” Jake stood and moved over to the table next to Bella. “Bella, I had to try.”     

                 “It didn’t make things any easier.” Bella suddenly looked up. “You know?” She put a hand over her face. “I was trying not to think about you and what I was giving up.”

                “I want you to think about it.”

                  “It hurts to think about it. I want that Jake, but I also want this.” She gestured around the house with her hand. “I want you, and I want Edward.”

                  “You just want him more.” Jake muttered under his breath. Bella smacked the table.

                   “Shut up! You know that isn’t true.” Angry tears welled up in her eyes, and she wiped at them furiously. “I never had a choice, Jake. You knew that too.”

                    Jake nodded, feeling bad for making her cry. He hadn’t meant to hurt her. He just had to do something, and Renee seemed like the best option at the time. “I told you once that I was a sucker for lost causes. I wasn’t kidding.”

                   “Apparently not.” Bella was still angry.

                   “Look,” Jake said, reaching over to rub her back in what he hoped was a purely platonic way, “I’m sorry. I just had to try one more thing before I gave up completely.” He smiled. “And you had to tell her sometime.”

                  “And I’m sorry that Edward sent you the invitation. I didn’t know. He wasn’t supposed to.”

                  Jake straightened. “He told you?”

                 “Just a minute ago.” She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “You don’t have to come.”

                 “I’ll think about it.” He said, in a display of selfless-ness that she hadn’t expected from him. There were a lot of things he did that she hadn’t expected. Maybe she should start a list.

               “I should go home now.” She said, not taking her eyes from his. He nodded. They both stood and walked to the door.

               “I don’t how this works.” Jake admitted. “How do you say goodbye to the girl you love when she’s engaged to your enemy?” He grinned.

               Bella shrugged. “A hug will do.”

               So Jake wrapped his big, warms arms around her small body and she strained to fit her thin, pale ones around his massive waist. They held each other close and rocked for a moment or two.

              “I love you.” Bella whispered, kissing his cheek and stepping back.

               “I love you too.” Jake let her go, and then turned and strode into the forest. She sat down on the steps and struggled not to cry.


            Edward showed up, this time at the front door, when Renee was soundly sleeping in Bella’s bed and Charlie was snoring. He tucked the blankets on the couch in around her legs and picked up her hand, holding it and rubbing soothing circles on her palm.

            “Big day, wasn’t it?” He said, with a voice that seemed to be made of silk.

            “The biggest.” Bella lay back against her pillow. “I still can’t believe that Jake went to Jacksonville.”

            “I don’t blame him.” Edward mused. “He really loves you.” He didn’t meet her gaze.

            “So do you.” She protested. Edward smiled that crooked smile that sent her heart racing.


“I want to spend forever with you, Edward.” Bella pressed his hand to her lips.

“I know.” He reached out to play with her hair. “I want to spend it with you.”

“Then it’s settled.” She kept the tone light.

Edward just nodded, still smiling but no longer with a glint in his eye. He picked up Bella and lay with her on the couch. Humming her lullaby into her hair, he let her fall asleep in his arms.

“I love you.” She mumbled.

“I love you.” He whispered back, and hoped that it was him whom she was talking to in her dreams. He had a good feeling that it was.


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Feb. 25th, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
Aww...that was cute and sad all at the same time. Poor Jacob. Well done. :]
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