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Edward/Bella writing challenge

Edward and Bella
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Edward/Bella fic-a-thon
Welcome to the Edward/Bella fic_a_thon, a community where writers can post their Edward/Bella fics to their heart's content. We post the prompts and you post the fics and get feedback from other writers and fans.


1. No bashing. Do not come to the community and bash the pairing, do not bash other users, and do not bash the posted fics. Your posts will be removed, and you will be banned, so don't even try it.

2. No spamming. This is self-explanatory.

3. This is important, so pay attention. If you pust a fic, you MUST post your entry within a lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, then go to the Livejournal FAQ#75 that will show you how. If you don't post your fic within a cut, I'll be forced to remove it, so save us both the trouble and use a cut.

If you have any questions/concerns/etc., you can message me, ashlerose.

Lastly, this is supposed to be fun! Join the community, request your prompts, and start writing those fics!